Capitalist space aliens are going to put us out of work

John Keane
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Tom Delong’s series on History Channel is getting a huge following, as it prevents incontrovertible evidence that UFOs routinely fly our skies, visit our nuclear sites, and even chase our military task forces around the globe.

In one sense, this is fascinating and exciting for me as I am a life long science fiction fiend and have spent my career working on NASA and military space programs. On the other hand, I am starting to think that those damned aliens are going to put me out of work. This smells like good old capitalism at work — corner the market on fantastic tech, and murder the competition.

Our best stuff is pretty much obsolete

I have spent decades working with what seemed like leading edge technologies that could enable space exploration. I have worked on winged spacecraft, satellites, the space station, and rockets. However, the UFOs captured on file and radar by US military forces can do things that are centuries beyond what Earth based companies can duplicate today.

The Five Observables

Luis Elizondo, a 22 year veteran of DoD programs, and former head of the Pentagons Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AITIP) notes five characteristics of the UFOs buzzing our military and nuclear facilities that are well beyond anything that can be produced by mere Earthling rocket scientists. If the technologies that enable these capabilities becomes open source, or if the aliens start selling their ships publicly — a lot of highly educated and experience aerospace professionals will be applying for food stamps and unemployment. Can these guys at least give us an IPO to invest in?

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Anti Gravity

Conventional aircraft (up until recently I would have said ALL aircraft) rely on wings to generate lift. Propulsion systems such as propellers, jet engines, or rocket engines push the aircraft through the air so that the wings can generate lift. This is why commercial airliners and jet fighters alike cannot hover. The only exceptions are helicopter and tilt engine aircraft that can direct their thrust downward to generate propulsive lift. If a conventional aircraft were to fly in a straight line and rotate (Bank) so that its wings became vertical — it would drop out of the sky. Not so the UFOs.

The UFOs do not appear to have ANY aerodynamic lifting or control surfaces — and there is no visual or thermal signature indicating propulsion. No contrails in the sky, not thermal bloom, nothing.

Somehow, these craft are negating the pull of gravity and hovering in the air at will — before shooting off at hypersonic speed, and in some cases, forcing our jet fighters to change course to avoid impact..

Incredible acceleration.

The UFOs have been documented by aircraft senors and ship based radar to accelerate or change direction so quickly that no human pilot could survive the g-forces. In one instance, a ship based radar operator in the Nimitz battle group observed one such vehicle moving from 28,000 ft to sea level at speeds exceeding 30 times the speed of sound. In another incident, radar indicated that UFO traveled 60 miles in a minute from a dead stop. This equates to a more pedestrian acceleration to only(!) 3600 mph. While 3600 mph is only(!) a few few multiples of the speed of sound, this acceleration also exceeds the capability known terrestrial aircraft.

Hypersonic velocities without signatures.

When aircraft travel faster than the speed of sound they create sonic booms and leave vapor trails. However, these do not appear to accompany UFOs.

Stealth, or Low observability

As US aircraft systems have become more sophisticated, it has become more common to capture UFOs on flight instruments and radar. However, as good as our systems have gotten, it is still difficult to capture UFOs clearly without the very best military systems. There is clearly some kind of stealth technology we don’t understand at work here.

Trans-medium travel.

UFOs have been tracked moving between space, atmospheric and even water environments. Personnel in the Nimitz carrier group spotted a UFO station keeping above churning water, leading observers to believe that a UFO had entered the water. A radar operator from the USS Princeton confirmed with a sonar operator in the area that a craft was indeed under water — moving faster than 70 knots. That is twice the speed of our navy’s nuclear submarines.

These 5 characteristics tell us something important

No Earth based nation is known to have craft that can duplicate any of these traits — never mind all five. And I personally find it difficult to believe that it is feasible for even our vaunted Skunk Works to have developed this technology. Secret Government development typically leads what is available publicly by 10–15 years. These advancements are way beyond that. And the sheer number and types of UFOs spotted by confirmed and reliable sources in the military indicate at least a hundred or more craft of three or four different types are in operation world wide. The magnitude of the task to develop, build and maintain such a fleet, operating world wide, with an Earth based organization would be huge. And I personally do not believe that an operation on this scale could be hidden.

We really need to figure out who this is and what their intentions are.

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Are things coming to a climax?

I have a sense (wishful thinking?) that Elizondo’s group is working in tandem with government officials who wish to leak these realities out in a way that does not scare the pants off the rest of us and lead to massive unrest. Certainly the government insiders they have collected for Elizondo’s team have the ability to access the right people to make things happen. It does look like more materials are being released. And the fact that permission has been granted to interview active duty military personnel is fairly unprecedented.

Will design rockets for food

It seems like we are reaching a point where we will see full, or at least much fuller, disclosure. When that happens — if it turns out that these really are our own governments secret technologies — today’s rocket scientists will be like blacksmiths entering the Tesla automotive plant looking for a horse to shoe. We will totally out classed and have difficulty being relevant.

If it turns out these are alien craft — then I am betting we will still be in an awkward position as only a few trusted suppliers will gain the insight needed to build such craft.

In either event, I may have to find another job — displaced by aliens. For years I have been hearing that AIs would replace us all in the work place. It seems more likely today that it will be little green men.

Would you like fries with that?

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There is always McDonalds I guess, until the robots and AIs take those jobs over too.



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