• Elise Turner

    Elise Turner

  • More ThanThisss (Infi

    More ThanThisss (Infi

    I was born wondering. I asked questions that made my parents a bit nervous such as “who am I, REALLY? Why are we living on this ball?”

  • Enjivar Hittier

    Enjivar Hittier

    Business strategy, operations, transportation logistics, aviation, technology, publishing and media

  • Leslie Van Zee

    Leslie Van Zee

  • Dan Penkoff

    Dan Penkoff

    Goofy old man, father, US Army combat veteran, university student, and aspiring writer. Love my Black and Brown brothers and sisters, soul food, and Detroit!

  • Simon Black

    Simon Black

    This is not the Simon Black that you know. This is a different Simon Black. He does not work in your organization or live in your city.

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