The Mixed Messages We Get About Passion In Our Workplace

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As leaders we send mixed messages

Throughout my career, I have heard that passion is key to success on ambitious space programs. We should be passionate about the mission, and passionate about the details — especially since space missions are so dangerous. My passion for the details and my passion for the mission, led to focusing my career on analyzing how spacecraft fail, and what we can do to design out failures that could lead to loss of life and loss of mission.

Do we expect people to behave like robots.

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What is Passion?

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The cost of shutting down passion is high.

Hiding bigotry behind the “P” word?

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Controlling your passion

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Summing Up

If you are uncomfortable with your team showing emotion and being passionate – then don’t ask for the energy, creativity and dedication that accompany passion! Passion is critical if we want our organizations to grow and thrive.

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John Keane

John Keane

Husband, Dad, Rocket Scientist, Retired Military, Space Alien.